Option: Mixer + 10 Rods
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Product name: DSPIAE MS-01 Magnetic Paint Mixer
Model: MS-01
Color: Red

Dual power supply mode, the speed is up to 10,000 rpm under micro power supply mode. The speed is 6000 revolutions per minute under the power supply mode of 2 AAA batteries. Using the touch switch mode, the magnetic lacquer shaker.
Cautions and warnings for use.

1. lt is prohibited from using dry cell batteries with external power. lf the dry cell batteries are used with the external power source, there might be damages to the internal components of the paint mixer.The battery might leak and even explode.

2. The paint mixer has a rated voltage of 5V1A, please use a corresponding adaptor for the power supply. Do NOT use fast charger heads for phones to supply power. Using incompatible adaptor may cause the internal components to heat up and even explode.

3. lf not using the mixer for extended periods of time, please remove the battery (and disconnect the power source) to prevent the internal components from irreversible damage.

4. lf the paint mixer’s indicator lights up but the king (this might be due to the rotor coming into contact with the top cover during transportation), please turn off the paint mixer and remove all power sources. Hard press on the logo on top of the paint mixer, turn on the paint mixer and try again.

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