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ID: 15863
Title: Rebirth for you
Pack Jan Code: 4573414718442
Box Jan Code: 4573414718435
Brand: Rebirth for you
Item Type: Booster Box
Pre-Order: Available
Pre-order Closing Date: 18-11-2021
Estimated Release Date: 28-01-2022

--Includes a gorgeous cast autograph card

--Mr. Yuka Nishio (role of Rinku Aimoto)
--Aimi (role of Kyoko Yamate)
--Mr. Risa Tsumugi (role of Sakihime Izumo)
--Natsumi Hirajima (role of Rika Seto)
--Mr. Rihona Kato (role of Tsubaki Aoyagi)
--Hazuki Tanda (role of Mimu Sakurada)

--Rhythm game for smartphones
-A lot of illustrations of [D4DJ Groovy Mix] are included.

――A lot of illustrations drawn for the first time in Re Bath are included.

--Strengthen each unit in combination with the popular booster pack [D4DJ]

[Neo standard construction category]
――You can build a deck only with card numbers including [DJ].

[Number of card types]
--Normal: 103 types
--Parallel: 145 types

--Gold and silver campaign: Target products

Trial Deck / Booster MIGHT or MIGHT NOT come with promotional items.
Should there be promotional items, any late order after pre-orders date WILL NOT HAVE ANY promotional items.

1 Box contains 10 Packs
1 Carton contains 32 Boxes

*Item is limited in production, kindly note that we may not be able to fulfill full orders.

**Note Estimated Release Date Refers to the Date of release in Japan. Items typically get shipped after 1-3 months

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