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From "Gundam Build Divers" comes GBN champion Kyoya Kujo's AGEII Magnum in MG form! 

The AGEII Magnum's MG-specific head part features sharp molding for a high-quality look you'd expect of an MG. In addition, the holding power of its shoulders has been improved thanks to a new shoulder frame mold, so your posing will hold up better, even over time or when equipped with weapons. And, a locking mechanism for the hip joint allows for a secure range of motion when in MS form.

Speaking for forms, this kit can also be transformed into Phoenix Mode! When in Phoenix Mode, you'll enjoy details such as the precise recreation of the beam vulcans on the shoulders, and aesthetically-pleasing and accurate leg silhouettes. Foil stickers, regular stickers, namer sticker, and dry decals are all included.

Accessories includes:
- Hyper Dodds Rifle Magnum x 1
- Beam sabel × 2
- Sigil shield × 1
- Four Funnels × 4
- Display base × 1

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