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Sale price$900.00 SGD


Est. Japan Release Date: Sept 2021 (subjected to change without further notice)

Est. SG Arrival Date: 2 ~ 4 months later than Japan Release (subjected to change without further notice)

Prize A: Monkey D. Luffy Figure (H:10cm / 1 pc)
Prize B: Roronoa Zoro Figure (H:16cm / 1 pc)
Prize C: Sanji Figure (H:16cm / 1 pc)
Prize D: Nami Figure (H:15.5cm / 1 pc)
Prize E: Nico Robin Figure (H:16cm / 1 pc)
Prize F: Usopp Figure (W: 11cm / 1 pc)
Prize G: Tony Tony Chopper Figure (H:13.5cm / 1 pc)
Prize H: General Frankie Figure (H:19.5cm / 1 pc)
Prize I: Brooke Figure (H:18cm / 1 pc)
Prize J: ??? Figure (H:17cm / 1 pc)
Prize K: Mug (H:9cm / 3 pcs)
Prize L: Plate (H:10cm / 20 pcs)
Prize M: Towel (H:60cm / 22 pcs)
Prize N: Folder Set 2pcs / set (A4 size / 25 pcs)
Last Prize: Yamato Figure (H:17.5cm / 1 pc) *[Will automatically be awarded to last buyer]*
Double Chance: Yamato Figure (H:17.5cm)

*Strictly no refund or cancellations once your order has been made*

* Actual products may look different from their images shown here.

* The content of information provided here is subject to change.

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