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Master of the hammer Mjolnir, Totsumori Sanae Strandhotel! ]

- Figures cute pocket-sized fun and moving [queue Posh].
- 15th series, Servant of Yokoshima-o true eye [Totsumori Sanae] Death!
- The Queue Posh], deformation of characters who only 2.3 head, new action figure series Death of very cute pocket size!
- Rich and moving of the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, waist, hip, knee, ankle] in a small body.
- To take the various poses effortlessly in terms of a dedicated base by the magnet of the sole, and of death can reproduce the scene impressive and various expressions of the character in the accessories of enhancement!
- Strandhotel to express splendidly solemn pause in the play!

Real Hazero [! Synapse Hajikero! Banishment This World! ]

- Accessories: hand-held for twin tail, Mjolnir hammer (twin tail replacement), (face to encounter face-rich Chiryaku face, the plotter with a mighty courage and the will, and the unknown events), replacement wrist three face parts set, only the base, the movable arm stand set

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