BuddyFight S Trial Deck Cross Vol.01 (Detective Conan -Side:White-) [BFE-S-TD-C01]

Title: Future Card BuddyFight S (English)

Brand: BuddyFight

Item Type: Booster Box

Pre-order: Available

Pre-order Closing Date: 24-03-2019

Estimated Release Date: 07-06-2019

Trial Deck / Booster MIGHT or MIGHT NOT come with promotional items. 
Should there be promotional items, any late order after pre-orders date WILL NOT HAVE ANY promotional items. 

Please note that due to Product Licensing, 【Detective Conan】can only be sold in the following countries: Mexico, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore.

1 Box contains 6 Decks
1 Carton contains 8 Boxes

[Detective Conan -Side:Black-] deck revolves around Gin, and the secretive《Men in Black》characters!

Primary World: Detective Conan
Card Types: 18 Unique + 1 Flag
Product Specifications: 52 Cards, life counter, rule sheet and paper playmat!
Each display contains a deck with an additional RR card!